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Cartel India Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Cartel India Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is an established Pune-based Cargo Logistics enterprise with a nationwide operational network and a deep-rooted presence in the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Goa. Incorporated in 1996 Cartel had begun providing its services to all the leading Telecom players in processes, warehousing, and logistics by the beginning of 2000. Cartel India services customers across all industry verticals providing services in warehousing, air cargo, and express cargo to Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Automobiles, cellular companies, IT companies, and Mobiles Manufacturing Companies. With its in-depth knowledge base and reach, Cartel India has created its own operational systems using its in-house technology to provide reliable logistic services like none other in the region. This is reflected in its dynamic growth in less than 10 years.


Cartel India has grown strategically and with a clear focus. Founded by Shri Nitin Bhosale, a dynamic young entrepreneur who began his life as a modest delivery boy with a vision and determination and researched logistic operations to the last detail the enterprise began operations in Warehousing, Coloading, Cargo, Intra City and Document Handling. Its Customers today include nationalized banks, multinational corporations, manufacturing companies, and retail firms for whom Cartel India handles logistics as well as deliveries. Cartel India Logistics Pvt. Ltd. with its capabilities, services, and commitment has successfully achieved complete customer delight. Over the years Cartel developed and implemented several cost-saving initiatives that have boosted bottom lines significantly. Providing speedy, efficient, and cost-effective services has become a way of life at Cartel India.


Cartel India Logistics Pvt. Ltd. also has a strong international reach through its associations with some of the best-reputed cargo corporations across the globe to meet any international requirement.


  • Began operations in 1996 under the name of Trust Courier & Cargo
  • After the downfall in the market 2016 to 2020, we are only handling delivery pickup in Maharashtra
  • Won the prestigious BPL Cellular Ltd contract for cargo movement across Maharashtra and Goa in 2000
  • Signed up two more important contracts with Airtel & Tata in 2003
  • Commenced Air Cargo operation in 2004 as a franchise with an annual turnover of 6 cr.
  • Were serving nearly all major Telecom service providers by 2005-06 in surface cargo operations
  • Commenced Line Haul across Maharashtra and Goa for all Courier service providers by 2007-08
  • Trust Courier & Cargo changed its identity to Cartel India Logistics Pvt Ltd in the year 2009
  • Commenced its independent Air Cargo operations in 2009-10 to carry bill stocks for nearly all Air carriers and became the 3rd largest airline agent across India
  • Undertook warehousing of cellular handsets to provide end-to-end services for stocking, managing stock, invoicing, and cargo movement across Maharashtra and Goa in 2009-10
  • Added warehousing for DOCOMO and Airtel (Marketing Division) to the existing portfolio for end-to-end services across Maharashtra and Goa in 2010