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"My compliments on having effected the transportation of my household from delhi to chandigarh in a prompt and time specific manner"
Ms. Deepti Sahai
General Manager (Network-1)
State Bank of India
Our Commitments
  • Quality Policy
  • Quality Objectives
  • For Cartel quality is to identify , define and meet the stated and unstated ( implied ) customer requirements.
  • We at Cartel motivate all the members of the organization to make consistent efforts to understand and promptly respond to the needs and expectations of our customers, ensuring delivery of products and services to maintain highest level of customer satisfaction ratings.
  • We at Cartel works proactively to render high quality and prompt logistics services that consistently meet the local and overseas changing and newly emerging logistics requirements by maintaining a pool of skilled, innovative and service oriented professionals.
  • We at Cartel have trustworthy relationships with partners, associates and stakeholders by analysing facts and having honest and open communication which leads to a mutual beneficial growth.
  • At Cartel there are regular review meetings on current projects with a desired outcome of motivation and performance improvement of the employees.
  • We strive for the ability to deliver the service within the time schedule, within budget and with the least number of errors.
  • We aim to create additional resource capacity and reducing of costs by eliminating defects, non - value adding activities, rework, delays.
  • We Nurture a winning network of partnerships by providing the full logistics service with integrity, sincerity and competence.
  • Cartel gains customer reliability and loyalty by providing high quality of customer service and high quality of service delivery.
  • We make sure that Cartel Logistics Pvt. Limited meets the regulatory requirements, requirements of society and the standards.
  • At Cartel we benchmark for a zero defect performance.
  • We are inspired by the Just In Time (JIT) Japanese concept to have cost benefit and right scheduling of activities so that the consignment is delivered as per the TAT given to the clients.
  • We ensure that we continuously improve the degree to which our services meet customer requirements and attain unprecedented levels of performance better than our past performance keeping in mind to enhance effectiveness of our processes and adopting the attitude that improvement is always possible.
  • To make small improvements that are incremental, continuous and maintained that is small improvements to be followed over a time period until they become one with the process.
  • We aim to maintain superior and increasing returns on our revenues and assets.


  • To encourage working in teams to achieve desired performance.
  • To develop the skills of employees by imparting proper and timely training.
  • To motivate employees to be more efficient.
  • To make possible for Cartel to be the best place to work for its people.
  • To identify and solve employee problems.
  • To ensure that salaries of all employees are paid on time.
  • To identify malpractices or frauds in working and rectify the issues.


  • To deliver the Consignments on time without delay from the expected delivery time by the customers.
  • To find the possible delivery routes which are less time consuming and cost efficient.
  • To keep a vigilant check on the expenses related to operations and keep them to a minimum without compromising on “On Time Performance”.
  • To have clear communication within the operations department and clear communication between operations and other departments with the aim to get the work done smoothly with less friction.


  • Maintenance of loans, advances, accounts and matters related thereof in a precise manner in order to have immeadiate understanding of the financial position of Cartel at any given point of time.
  • To generate the bills at a timely basis so that they can be recovered in time and the time gap between delivery and collection of fees is as minimum as can be.
  • To manage the accounts in such a way so that there are enough funds to pay the salaries on time to all the employees.
  • To check the expenses at all the branches so as not to exceed the limits as per the budget planned.
  • To track the profit and loss and identify reasons of loss so that they can be minimized and rectified on immediate basis .


  • To ensure proper storage of consignments so that there is no damage while in storage.
  • While loading the trucks to make sure that misrouting of consignments is to the minimum

( means a consignment is not placed in a truck with a delivery route other than the delivery destination of the package ).

  • To handle the consignments so that there is no damage during delivery.
  • To maintain proper records of consignments to make sure that no consignment is lost or misplaced.
  • To keep proper records of consignments so that it is easy to locate or find a lost consignment.


  • To make sure that stationary is provided in time for different branches and warehouse requirements.
  • To make sure that there is minimum pending POD (Proof of delivery ) entries ( means POD’s received from the warehouse should be entered and forwarded to the billing department that same day)


  • To be able to quickly provide solutions to various customer queries and problems.
  • To provide a proper file compiled with information Pick Up Date, Pick Up Location, Delivery Location, Cluster, Client Name, Distributor, Docket No, Delivery date, Delivery time, Pcs, Weight etc. so that operations can efficiently be managed and the consignment is delivered as per the TAT given to the clients .
  • To be able to communicate the delivery status to all the consignors whose consignment delivery is in progress for that particular day.


  • To manage the proper functioning of the IT work products across all departments of all the branches.
  • To check regularly for changes and upgradation inorder to have the most advanced technology which boost’s our business.
  • To solve problems in software or hardware with zero time delay.
  • Purchase of any new hardware or software keeping in mind integration with present hardware and software to ensure functionality is maintained.
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